8 Way You Can Do Your Cardio

Cardio exercises are an essential part of your well-being. You don’t have to waste hours at the gym to improve your physical fitness and lose weight. You can do an easy fitness exercise at home, even though you don’t have much room or resources to do so.

What’s aerobic first thing you need to know? The simple definition is any workout that raises the heart rate, which opens up much more than just running or brisk walking! The below are some of the best fitness routines you can apply to your training routine without leaving home.

1. Burpees
Burpees can be CrossFit pros’s dread, but they do include a aerobic exercise in a limited period. You don’t need much room or tools, making them a perfect aerobic exercise at home. To do a burpee, alternate between a plank stance and leap in the air. Be sure your palms are level on the ground and back. You will consume over 100 calories in 10 minutes. We suggest starting slowly and working up to 10 minutes or more to prevent injuries.

2. Jump rope
Are you fond of jumping rope as a kid? Okay, by jumping rope at school, you should incorporate it into your workouts. Jumping rope is also considered the perfect cardio exercise, and many athletes use it for cross-training. You can do that with only a single jump rope you can find at several stores, which is why it’s a perfect fitness exercise at home. When you’re just 20 minutes jumping rope, you will lose 220 calories. While you may have long-term memories of jumping as a kid with no question, you may want to work your way up to the maximum 20 minutes.

3. Jumping Jacks
One aerobic exercise that might carry you back to your youth is jumping jacks. Like burpees, jumping jacks for 10 minutes will burn around 100 calories. You can quickly incorporate jumping jacks into a circuit training that involves any of the other movements on this list, including burpees, rope jumping and squat jumps. You can do jumping jacks anywhere anywhere without any gear.

4. Squat Jumps
Another decent cardio exercise you can do individually or on a fitness circuit is squat jumps. You start in a squat and then hop up, try to get as far as possible, then land back in the squat. This has a strong effect , particularly on your knees, so caution is required whether you’re a novice with knee injury.

5. Kickboxing
Want to feel the burn in a cardio session? Try kickboxing, the perfect cardio exercise at home. Kickboxing is a mix of karate and boxing, outstanding for straining not only endurance but also strength. You can use any tools like a punching bag and camera training, or you can do it yourself if you already have any expertise. Besides losing about 100 calories per 10 minutes of exercise, you can also get rid of tension and anger.

6. Dancing
Looking for fun with home fitness workout? Then bring on some music and dance. Something that beats your heart activates your cardiovascular system, and certain dance moves also help build muscle. Make sure to get the right exercise leggings for these latest movements. When you want a more formal class, watch free dance workout lessons from Latin Dance to Ballet Body Sculpting to Hip Hop.

7. Running the Stairs
One aerobic exercise at home is stair-running, as long as you have adjacent stairs. Stair exercises help develop strength and power in the lower body and regulate heart rate. Challenge yourself with mini bursts, alternating between a normal staircase and lateral staircase to lose more calories during your exercise. Be sure you have the right male gym shoes and you can do those stairs workouts if you have a single staircase anywhere, or if you have a special stepping platform for movements like the Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper or The Step Initial Aerobic Platform.

8. Place jogging
You don’t have to go outside or hit the track to get the benefits of running; merely jogging in your home has much of the same benefits. Of example, you could find running in place boring for a long time. That’s why most people combine jogging with other workouts like burpees, jumping hoops, or strength training for a full workout.

Mix with an outstanding fitness routine. Include several rounds of each of the above exercises for a 20-30-minute strong session that both burns fat and develops muscle. You can find online fitness videos that combine all of these workouts to make creating your own cardio workout at home simpler. Fitness Blender and POPSUGAR Fitness give free aerobic exercise workouts on their YouTube channels.

Exercise is important to the good wellbeing and wellness. Always consult with a doctor before performing some vigorous workout, continue slowly and develop fitness to reduce the risk of injury. Meritage Medical Network cares for your wellbeing! That’s why our small group of over 700 private practise physicians in Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties concentrate on delivering the best quality healthcare. Know more about optimising wellbeing by taking our Fitness Courses.