FoliCall Review

It is no secret that men and women may start to experience several hair loss issues when they reach the age of 45. For instance, the Male Pattern Hair Loss, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, affects over a million men worldwide. Its causes are still mostly unknown, but several studies show that the problem can affect any age group.

In addition, it should be noted that even in the case of hair loss, the problems that most men tend to have can vary considerably. For example , some people may experience very mild alopecia symptoms, while some may become completely bald in a short period of time. Not only this, but many clinical trials have also pointed out that men with male hair loss problems can end up with such problems as:

  • Self-esteem low
  • Poor self-worth and trust
  • In some serious cases, anxiety, stress, and even depression

FoliCall is a new supplement to help men fight various hair loss problems without taking any dangerous chemical agents or having any painful medical procedures (such as hair transplant). In this regard, FoliCall is an all-new supplement. The overall efficacy and long-term efficacy of all nutrients added to FoliCall have been tested.

Look closer at FoliCall

Folicall, as the name appears to suggest, is a broad-range nutritional supplement which comes with a wide variety of follicle regenerating agents, such as biotine, collagen and vitamins clinically proven to support hair damage and also naturally hassle free growth.

To be somewhat more specific, we can see that Folicall works on a cellular level so that it can revitalise the user’s skin and revitalise many of the sleeping follicles that may be on our head (thus fostering regeneration). In addition, the manufacturer claims that FoliCall can strengthen and thicken its hair on a regular basis.

Some of the advantages that can be achieved by using FoliCall include:

  • I Prevention of dilution of hair: one core aspect of the supplement is that it contains several powerful hair regeneration agents to thin and break the hair. Not only can they help thicken your hair and thus allow good volume and bounce (even if the male begins to grind).
  • (ii) Hair Breakage reduction: The biotin and collagen content of the mix prevents continuous hair loss in males — especially those who crossed the middle aged 55. In order to naturally encourage hair re-growth, the active ingredients of the product can also help activate specific energy centres in our scalp.
  • (iii) Tackles Male Pattern Baldness: as mentioned earlier, one of FoliCall’s main aspects is to address several problems of hair loss that appear to affect men. In this respect, it should be noted that the supplement comes full of several ingredients designed to decrease the symptoms and effects of MPB (Male Baldness Pattern).

What does FoliCall contain?

Biotin was found in controlled doses not only to improve the cortex elasticity (thus improving the resistance of the hair), but also to stimulate dormant hair follicles.

Folate Acid

Folic acid is a natural compound which has been shown to accelerate the division and growth of our hair cells clinically. It has the innate ability not only to replenish the skirt by strengthening our hair roots, allowing a more natural, luscious and voluminous male.

Vitamin C Vital

As many of our readers are aware, vitamin C plays an important role in preserving the overall health and strength of our hair. To be a little more specific, the compound helps not only to produce collagen more rapidly in our bodies, but also promotes iron absorption in our scalp region.

Beta Carotine Beta

Also known as vitamin A, it offers a wide range of support for users — particularly with regard to antioxidants and free radical fighting. Beta carotene can help promote hair health and improve the overall appearance of the male when consumed regularly.


A multifunctional compound with several beneficial properties. With regard to hair growth, silica has been shown to increase the hormone balance that makes your follicles healthier. Studies not only show that silica can also restore thickness and lustre to your hair.

Other FoliCall aspects worth emphasising

The manufacturer claims that daily use of FoliCall can not only help feed one’s weary scalp, but can also revitalise sleeping / dying follicle cells essential for hair growth promotion.
FoliCall contains several active agents that can strengthen the roots of your scalp, helping to strengthen your existing hair.
A highly underestimated aspect of FoliCall is that it can stimulate the growth of hair cycles (including men over the age of 50).
Folic acid and beta carotene were found in the product to maximise the strength, thickness and overall hair quality.