His Secret Obsession Review

Looking for love or how to sustain a man? There are many people. Relationships are complicated, and many books and people have proposed ways to deal with them. Okay, we will find in this analysis of His Hidden Obsession some of the key factors that decide whether or not you will get this plan. The author of the curriculum, who the book is perfect for, what you will learn from the book and if the book is worth buying is some of the things we will discuss.

Let us now have a thorough review of this book in mind.

About the author

The author of His Hidden Obsession is Mr. James Bauer. What is he? Where is he? Okay, this guy is an specialist in relationships. He is a licenced counsellor, a guide for ties and an author of many books.

This guy has partnered with various people of both genders for more than a decade to help them find love and hold it. His hidden fascination is indeed the work of someone who knows what he’s thinking about.

During his study, he researched male and female psychology to see what makes them tick. His hidden obsession reveals everything in this book to the benefit of readers.

How do you remember before shopping?

When you go to buy this book, you have to weigh some things.

First of all, this book about men is very clear to women. That’s the real truth. Nonetheless, other people will also use it.

One reason this book is perfect for women is that, as a woman, you actually relate to most of the issues in the book. You would also be useful if you were involved in any of the following. Many of the issues about which you might be concerned and which this book discusses include:

  • Your partner is losing interest.
  • He ‘s putting other things ahead of you.
  • You ‘re afraid he’ll slip free.
  • He doesn’t call or email as much as he used to.
  • He grew far away, cold and sometimes temperamental.
  • He doesn’t talk as you’re in his dreams for the future.
  • He doesn’t give you the way he used to date.
  • You’ve left him, but somehow you can’t get over him.

If your relationship fits any of the above requirements, you certainly need this book!

In addition to what we described above, there are other topics you will need to be involved in if you succeed in this book.

Your lover’s desire

The book aims to strengthen the relationship, but to get the most out of it, you will have to take an interest in the stuff the book recommends. To that end, you need to be very involved in your partner’s desires and wishes. You should be prepared to adapt to what you need in this book.

The essence of the mind of a human

This book is for you if you want to learn more about your guy. You should be prepared to dig into his mind and see it from his point of view.

If all you care about is the surface nature of the relationship, then this book will give you valuable material that will certainly help you make the best use of your relationship. Understanding the essence of the mind of a man will allow you to use it for your benefit.

Looks a bit manipulative? Okay, maybe. But if you have to use what you want to get, right?

Improvement of partnership

Another thing you should know before you go into this book is that it allows you to have a better connexion with your guy. This book illustrates some of the habits and stuff you need to do to strengthen your relationship. You can make a man more appealing to you by using the advice in this book, feed your desires and make them love you more.

You must learn how to use what is called the heroic instinct to make someone fall in love with you.

In addition to the above, this book not only shows you behavioural trends and stuff like that, but James goes into depth so that women are able to get stimuli that will make people behave as they want.

What is His Secret Obsession?

The book is an excellent method for establishing long-term and productive relationships with others. From marriage to marriage, this book is a great book for all women worldwide.

His hidden fascination appears to demonstrate the instruments that women can use to make their husbands more dedicated over time.

How’s the book doing that?

Well, a man’s mind, impulses, and his hidden obsession are uncovered by using evolutionary psychology.

This book isn’t your book style run-of-the-mill. I have researched hundreds of books on the market since writing this review and the reality is that no one comes close to what this book is expected to deliver.

Unlike other cliché novels, this book reads like nothing you’ve ever seen and transcend the majority of relationship novels on the market right now.

What’s the “Instinct of Hero?”

His hidden obsession is one of the most common and main concepts. What is it, exactly?

Okay, this book tells James what this tendency is and how women can use it to attract more men. A woman can use this impulse to her benefit with a few tweaks here and there.

Three facets of this instinct are present in the novel.


Significantly surviving and appreciating his contributions by others.

Be a breadwinner and a ‘family guest.’

The society and those he meets earn respect.

The hero’s instinct, as the name indicates, is that a man must be valued and a hero. And James teaches women how to do this to their men in this novel!

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How are you going to find in this book?

His Hidden Obsession involves twin parts and up to 17 modules. I assume you are very interested in what you will find in this book, so let’s move on and see the most interesting sections of this book.

Part 1 – The Instinct of Hero

Indeed, a whole section of the book focuses on the Hero Instinct and the way a woman should manipulate to get a man’s attention.

This impulse is the greatest psychological secret for the evolution to keep a man in love.

In this first section, you can see all that can be learned about this instinct, how it affects men and how to use it to attract and maintain males.

Get ready to read a lot of psychology in this part; but be not intimidated, it’s all for your good. You can definitely gain more understanding of men by learning this part.

While reading this book, we suggest that you read every line carefully, because it serves as the basis for the other material that comes to your attention.

Part 2 – the elusive 12 word signal

There are 12 terms that can attract and sustain a man when used. Do you like to learn these words? Read this part, then!

In addition to the 12 terms, you can learn practical ways and methods to maintain the love of a man. These techniques include:

  • Process of glimpse
  • Period of curiosity
  • Signal IOU
  • Signal of Private Island
  • Signal ex-back

These and more are found in this book and you will learn so much how to deal with men and build a lasting relationship by holding these strategies close to your heart.

Signal of curiosity

There must be elements of intrigue for any relationship to start and thrive. Most people went on the first dates and did not leave the second just because there was no interesting light. In this segment, James shows you a brilliant way to fascinate a guy. You’ll see if you can make him follow you.

When he is removed you won’t suffer from the excruciating ghosting after the missed initial dates. When you have him hooked, you can slowly have your hold of him and act as you usually do.

Check out process

This step shows a man what he can gain from living in a relationship with you. It makes you more enigmatic to him and an curiosity for him. Give him a peek behind the curtain, and in no time you’ll see him lapping from your side. If you follow the advice in this section right, he will probably want more of you than ever.

Silent indication of action

Silence can be very thrilling and enigmatic when used correctly. Know how to keep your relationship quiet. If you don’t conduct this signal properly, this section will definitely lead you through this process.

Signal IOU

In this step, you can see how men ‘s ability can be used for selective listening. Using selected sentences you can latch on him and make sure he has a strong sense of faith in you. When this signal is used correctly, he will make you his best friend and trustee.

Damsel signal in distress

This signal is very common, but it’s not done correctly for many people. If you want him to pay your attention, this signal is just what you need to accomplish this task.

While many enjoy the age of political correctness, you can also use this signal for your benefit from your feminism. While some might see it as a sign of weakness and a way to feed the masculine ego, this Damsel in trouble signals can be a good way to get men into your wallet.

This segment will show you how the innate need of a man to protect women can be plugged into by making him your personal guard dog. When you correctly using this, you’ll get him to do whatever you want him to do.