How Many Calories Does CrossFit REALLY Burn?

Built in 1995 from a little gym in Santa Cruz, CrossFit. The tiny gym sparked a blaze, rising in enormous popularity at an unprecedented rate. Even you don’t do CrossFit yourself, you ‘re sure to meet at least five men. So for those not ardent CrossFit gym participants have come to know that CrossFit’s first rule is all about CrossFit. Another thing is impossible to deny: Many of the world’s greatest CrossFitters have some of the world’s finest bodies.

There must be a explanation why the short HIIT workouts build wild, sculpted and solid bodies. So how much calories usually burn during a fast, sweaty CrossFit sesh? Men’s Health explored this problem, digging into CrossFit ‘s complexities and figuring out the breakdown of one of CrossFit’s most popular workouts, called “The Cindy.”

To those unfamiliar with this routine, The Cindy is a 20-minute routine composed of body-weight workouts. To complete the circuit, start setting a 20-minute timer. So do five pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats. All three workouts are one round, and the trick to this HIIT is completing as many rounds as possible until the 20 minutes are finished.

Sounds easy , right? It’s that it’s. You barely need any gear, but don’t let that confuse you — because this easy Cindy makes you sweat. According to a Kennesaw State University report, the CrossFit routine exercise will burn 261 calories per session. This may not sound like much, except for a 20-minute sweat workout.

Like comparisons? Single person reaching the treadmill at 8 miles an hour will burn about 861 calories, according to The Mayo Clinic. Exercises like watching basketball for an hour eat up to 584 calories. Note that both cases take much more time to work up a strong calorie burn. It reveals that HIIT exercises test the body, lose calories when building muscle.

“Three bodyweight movements are included in the whole routine,” Brian Kliszczewicz, Ph.D. and lead research leader, told Men’s Health. “But since the workouts involve all the muscles and you do them vigorously, the caloric intake routine is amazing.”

And, even though you’re not ready to visit the nearest CrossFit gym, you may also want to consider joining The Cindy. A 20-minute HIIT that consumes 250 plus calories and develops muscle.