Look Great at Any Age


Aging is inevitable, but it’s also a beautiful thing, you’ve done the job, you’ve learned many of the lessons of life so that you can sit back and enjoy life without all that adolescent fear and insecurity.

We all want to look beautiful, and have probably read up on beauty tips such as using more olive oil to enhance skin care, adjusting our makeup products, drinking more green tea for wellness, and plenty of lukewarm water for beautiful skin, but which actually works? We dive into simple things you can do to look at in this post, and feel great as a result. So, why not age gracefully and perfectly and hopefully get that natural glow back?

1. Use a Solar Panel
Because the sun provides us with vitamin D, it also has dangerous ultraviolet rays that may eventually lead to skin cancer. Some dermatologists claim that the effect of sun damage is 90 per cent of dark spots, wrinkles and sagging. This is because the structural fibre of the skin, called collagen, begins to degenerate as we get older. The degeneration is exacerbated by sun exposure.

Therefore it is best to ensure adequate application of sunscreen on a hot day. Wear shades and a hat when you head out, to cover your eyes.
Deep moisturising can work well to make the skin soft and elastic. Leaving it free from wrinkles and scarring, and leaving it smooth and touchy.
We fail to pay attention to the hands on several occasions and concentrate solely on the face which contributes to noticeable signs of ageing on the hands. So stop that, add a decent amount of daily sunscreen and a hand cream at the end of the day which has retinoid.

2. Using Retinoid to decrease fissures
Retinol is a vitamin A derivative; This is recommended by most dermatologists because of its anti-aging effects. This improves collagen production while stopping fine lines. This is also responsible for forming new blood vessels which can contribute to good rosy skin.

3. Perform routine workouts and maintain proper posture
The advantages of exercise are considerable. The feel-good hormones that are released when we exercise include: endorphins. They make us happy and our strength levels increase.

Exercising is also a perfect approach of body development. The older we get, the more muscle we lose; this is due to degeneration. We can remedy this, however, through resistance training which increases weight and strength.

The gym doesn’t need to be interested to be engaged. Instead of the elevator you should go for a stroll or take the stairs, play with your kids or grandchildren or even hold yoga sessions. Such exercises keep the heart rate going up to help you look young to feel good.

Exercise is also beneficial for the skin as it increases the flow of blood to the cells and the skin cells and thereby nourishes them. Around the same time, the blood supply contains the waste products from the body. Thus, this cycle purifies the skin.

Exercise helps to straighten the spine by preventing the bone degradation we undergo as we age. Weight lifting and workout strength help you grow solid back and shoulders.

The bone deterioration starts to develop when you’re 40. If you hunch your back and your head is down , people take that as if you’re sad. At the other hand, a healthy, solid stance is seen as relaxed, accessible and energetic.
Vitamin D also plays a part in controlling ageing tissue, one of which is the scalp.

4. Track your diet
Diet plays an important role in our look, wellbeing and mood. It’s important that we keep this part of our lives in mind. It is strongly recommended to take a diet rich in fruit , vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low in calories.

This is in contrast to a diet high in fried foods and refined sugars, which can make you feel lethargic and intensify the ageing cycle. There are antioxidants in vegetables and fruits that counteract the symptoms of ageing.

It is nice to preserve your skin and help you look healthier, like healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids present in foods such as walnuts, salmon and tuna.

According to a report on bone loss, taking any recommended amount of vitamin D and calcium everyday for postmenopausal women tends to decrease the risk of bone loss by nearly half. And that improves and straightens the body.

5. Avoid Tobacco
Smoking dramatically increases the ageing cycle according to a study by the Mayo Clinic. The toxins contained in the smoke have also been known to weaken the skin tissue, collagen and decrease the elasticity of the skin. And not smoking tobacco is recommended

6. Keep a good outlook
Individuals who regarded ageing favourably lived 7.5 years longer than people who treated it with a cynical outlook, according to a Yale University report. To reiterate this, seniors who regarded ageing favourably (wisdom and general satisfaction) are 40 percent more likely to rebound from a disability than those who perceive it as associated with helplessness, according to the Journal of American Medical Association; The more you get older and understand the good qualities the more comfortable you are and the happier you feel

7. Check your look
Often it’s hard to let go of a hair or fashion style that has always worked for you because it feels relaxed and familiar, but it can shock you and make you look younger. In a 2010 survey , people who shaved or dyed their hair felt they looked younger and had lower blood pressure.

Many may favour shading when it comes to hair colour and some tolerate their white. In just the right cut, your grey hair will look sophisticated, with just the right hairdresser to do it. Black hair makes your face look serious when your appearance is softened by a lighter blonder hue.

Hormonal changes that occur during menopause can make the hair thin and brittle; however, it can be bulked up by colouring. That is because of bleaching agents, the hydrogen peroxide allows the hair shaft to stretch, rendering it look thicker.

8. Consult with the dentist
With time our teeth are discoloured due to traces in wine, coffee , tea or smoke. A dental appointment will make your teeth whiter and look amazing in no time. Rather than cosmetic factors, there could be other age-related problems such as normal gum loss that allows the teeth to appear bigger.

So it is best to go twice a year for a dental check-up. Brushing regularly and with floss is always recommended. Drinking milk and consuming calcium pills is also an good way to protect your teeth.

9. Just Sleep Full
The importance of sleep is ignored in the fast paced world we live in. Another cup of coffee is numbing down the urge to sleep. Not only does sleeping badly display obvious signs of ageing on your face but it will also make you look less desirable.

This is according to a 2015 review in the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology. The time you spend dreaming will be 9 hours each night according to the National Sleep Foundation.

As compared with someone who slept for less than 5 hours. Women who slept for 7-9 hours had skin which bounced better from ultraviolet exposure.

It means that the more hours of sleep you have the more time the skin has to regenerate from the sun’s adverse effects, thus slowing cycle ageing. It turns out that all the word beauty sleep is not a romantic idea.

When you’re sleeping, the body releases a hormone that aids in development, which in effect restore collagen and elastin, which are the key constituents of bright, radiant skin’s basic building blocks.

According to James Maas, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Cornell University and author of ‘Power Sleep,’ the results of sleep deprivation were shown to be elevated levels of cortisol and glucose, which in turn contribute to hypertension and type II diabetes that accelerates ageing.

He suggests a sleep time of 7.5 to 8.5 hours. “Skin cells transform easier while you’re asleep,” says Jeanine Downie, MD, Image Dermatology chief in Montclair, New Jersey and Beautiful Skin of Color’s co-author.
“When you don’t get enough sleep, your skin won’t regenerate itself and continue to look dull — especially when you mature, as cell regeneration slows down.” Skin temperatures often increase while you sleep, enabling topical therapies to reach the skin more efficiently than they do throughout the day.

10. Drink plenty of water
‘Water is life’ is a term that is widely used and happens to be very true. Water is a way of looking and of feeling young. Drinking lots of water every day nourishes the skin by making it clean, while making the nails and hair safe and smooth. Other than smoking you should spray your hair with some water every day to keep it moisturised and clean.
Combined with herbal teas, this helps to wash out of the body poisons, leaving you feeling re-energized. Unless you don’t take enough water, the skin is flaccid and dry and contributes to early ageing.