Motion Glo Light Bar Review

The Motion Glo Light Bar is essentially an LED light bar consisting of a range of bulbs within a convenient bar which can be positioned anywhere.

Part of the reason why it is difficult for you to get a light bulb or any light source which you can easily find anywhere is that you need some energy source and most of these bulbs need some form of fittings.

Fortunately, Motion Glo Light Bar doesn’t need one because 4 AAA batteries are all you need.

Motion Glo LED Sensor Analysis Light Bar 2020

The Motion GloTM is a light bar with some very attractive features. First of all, it features 10 ultra-light LED bulbs that collectively provide more than sufficient lighting for your corners.

Anywhere you like, including, but not limited to) drawers, closets, cupboards, baseboards, tool sheds, stairways, medicine cabinets, and many more you can easily connect the light bar.

The magnetic strip and 3 M rubber-metal plate makes it simple to connect. You can easily place both of them somewhere, then place the light bar on it and be ready to go.

The Motion GloTM light bar has another nice feature: it comes with a motion sensor. This means that you can also use it as a kind of safety light, because it senses motion and provides enough light soon after.

This feature can, of course, also be used as a comfort feature because you don’t have to turn on just to light up.

Its motion sensor senses movement within 10 feet and has a sensing range of 120 degrees, which makes it easy to turn on while you are in this room.

People who do not want to use any resources will be pleased to know that they do not need any installation. You just put it on every surface and you’re good to go.

Motion Glo LED Sensor Analysis Light Bar

While there are undoubtedly many light bars on the market, Motion GloTM is considered a pioneer in its class. There are several aspects that differentiate this from the pack.

It is quite durable, for example, because it is made of aluminium alloy. It can not only withstand a beat, but it looks absolutely wonderful and certainly has the quality appeal.

In addition, its ergonomic nature allows you to easily connect the light bar to any surface. If you want to mount it to your cabinet or any other tight places, you shouldn’t have to face any problems.

Another great aspect of this device is its motion sensor. In most situations, it gives comfort to many people because when they sense some movement, it can quickly turn on or off. Furthermore, it also acts as a protective measure.

Where is this short fall?

There is a lot to love with the Motion GloTM, but it has one big inconvenience because it requires 4 AAA batteries. The batteries are not included, so you have to pay more just to get them.

The positive thing, though, is that this is the only downside. You can buy rechargeable AAA batteries to keep your mind calm.

And if it is operating on a battery and the batteries do not arrive, its downside is small compared to what it can do for you.

Unlike all other devices on the market, the ultra-light paired with the motion sensor offers protection and comfort.

When you buy one, it costs $24.97 for a single light bar, but if you buy more than one, you will save a lot of money.