StrictionBP Reviewed

StrictionBP says that through the use of its supplement you can control your blood pressure safely and naturally.

The business says that every day you take 2 capsules:

  • Blood pressure control (BP)
  • Bad cholesterol reduction (LDL)
  • Blood sugar levels match
  • Promoting cardiac wellbeing
  • As nearly 50 percent of US adults are affected by high blood pressure, treatment options remain a hot topic. High BP chronic can lead to poor circulation, damage to the kidney, heart attack, or stroke.

Treatment also requires improvements in lifestyle and medical care. But can StrictionBP’s drug-free formulation allow you to control your blood pressure?

By reviewing the available scientific support for the ingredients in StrictionBP, we will help you to address this issue.

StrictionBP Ingredients: Is research available?

There are only 3 natural ingredients in StrictionBP: vitamin B6, magnesium, and cinnamon.

They say that the proposed benefits are feasible because they have handpicked only scientifically validated ingredients. This segment investigates whether these ingredients are actually backed by empirical studies.

B6-5 mg Vitamin
You can naturally obtain B vitamins from foods such as meat, seeds and nuts. They are built to promote brain and nerve health, red blood cell activity, metabolism of energy and heart disease.

One portion of StrictionBP is over twice the Daily Allowance Recommended (RDA).

The role of vitamin B6 in blood sugar control was shown in a Japanese study. A high dietary intake was associated with a low risk of diabetic eye disease in patients with type 2 diabetes.

The influence on BP regulation may be due to the reversing correlation between B6 levels and plaque formation, with a higher risk of coronary artery disease ( CAD) being associated with deficiency.

In the stable siblings of patients with premature vascular disease a combination of 5 mg follic acid and 250 mg vitamin B6 per day reduced the incidence of irregular heart tests during exercise.

This treatment scheme also decreased homocysteine, a higher CAD risk related amino acid.

While B6 can play a role in reducing the risk of high BP, research studies have revealed benefits at much greater doses than 5 mg in StrictionBP.

32 mg magnesium (Mg)
Mg stimulates the metabolism of food, nerve function and bone health. The adult Mg RDA is 300-400 mg. This supplement falls well short of this amount, but if you stick to a healthy diet you will get enough.

Mixed research is being performed on potential effects of Mg on BP.

A analysis of 22 studies showed that a mean MG dose of 410 mg was associated with minor yet meaningful decreases in BP for 3-24 weeks.

More recently , a study of 34 trials gave a similar conclusion; a median dose of BP marginally decreased by 368 mg daily for the median period of three months.

While the ability of Mg to reduce BP seems to be limited but important, research has shown this effect in doses more than 10 times greater than that of StrictionBP.

Cinnamon ceylon-1000 mg.
Cinnamon can give antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-disease advantages. It may also lead to blood sugar control.

Five g of cinnamon strengthened blood sugar control in sedentary, obese women. In 10 randomised trials, fasting blood sugar levels have been lowered at doses ranging from 120 mg to 6 g daily for 1 to 4 months.

Specifically, the possible BP-reducing effects of the ceylon cinnamon type in Striction BP were examined.

The short-term use of ceylon cinnamon has decreased significantly BP in subjects with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes in a study of 3 studies.

Increased doses of ceylon cinnamon (85 mg, 250 mg, and 500 mg) have been administered for 3 months to stable subjects. Although subjects had reduced BP, the researchers concluded that further studies were needed to fully characterise this function.

While the research available is encouraging, more research is needed to understand the BP management potential of this ingredient. StrictionBP nevertheless tends to be a greater dose than those found to be effective in clinical studies.

Protection & side effects StrictionBP

The specific ingredients in this blend are all measured in humans at much higher doses than in a single component of StrictionBP in a controlled manner.

Excess B6 vitamin can be associated with sore skin patches, heartburn and nausea. However, these side effects are rare since excess B6 exits the body through urination.

It is also doubtful that too much Mg is caused by the amount of this drug, although diarrhoea, nausea and abdominal cramping are possible.

Although there is no evidence demonstrating the potential of these ingredients to reduce your BP to unsafe levels, it is not a good idea to control your BP alone.

StrictionBP or similar supplements can cause unknown drops in your blood pressure and erectile dysfunction drugs.

Your blood pressure should be treated under medical supervision. If you think yours is high, talk to your doctor about the cause.

You will then work together to formulate the best treatment plan.

Where do I buy StrictionBP?

You can buy your StrictionBP in 3 easy steps from your website:

Choose your favourite bundle
Confirm your address of delivery
Enter your payment details
The Intro Kit contains 1 bottle of $59.40 + $6.99 shipping for one month. With the Simple Kit, you can save 47 per cent; $152.35 for 3 bottles, free delivery.

The Best Value Bundle includes 6 $232.01 + Free delivery bottles.

In addition, StrictionBP provides auto-ship options:

1 Flask is $56.39 and every 30 days ship is off.
3 bottles are $105.89 and every 90 days ships free.
6 bottles are $159.30 and every 180 days ships are open.
This service can be discontinued at any time. If you are not happy with your score, StrictionBP comes with a 60-day cash back guarantee.

Alternatives Available

There are many items on the market that claim to use natural ingredients to handle BP.

Neo40 is a case in point. This product has more than double the ingredients and provides $39.95 for a month.

Blood pressure Now the BP with grapes and hawthorn extracts is recommended to lower. A supply of 1 month is $16.19.

Since StrictionBP is relatively costly and includes just three ingredients, you can save money by individually buying them. However, this choice is possibly less convenient.

Finally, these ingredients can be easily found in a healthy diet. In foods, seeds and nuts, B vitamins are included. In leafy greens, nuts , seeds and whole grains mg is obtainable. Cinnamon can be bought in a stick or in powder to add to your choice of dishes.

The Bottom Line

Although research has endorsed many of the advantages suggested by StrictionBP, we have some concerns.

Both Mg and vitamin B6 may be beneficial to blood sugar and BP. These ingredients tend to be sold at doses much lower than those found to be active in testing.

Lower doses make protection more possible, but the desired results might not be achieved.

Many of the available studies showing the BP-reducing effects of these ingredients in healthy subjects have also occurred. Maintaining a healthy BP level is best, but medicine or supplements should not be used to improve your blood pressure unless directed by your doctor.

Although there is evidence to support StrictionBP arguments, without medical supervision I would not recommend this supplement. BP can never be handled alone.

Often affect the blood pressure with diet , exercise, drugs, and medicines-adding StrictionBP to the mix can be risky. Speak first to a specialist and work together to formulate the appropriate treatment plan.