Vision 20/20 Protocol Review

The 20/20 Protocol is an interactive guide that incorporates many improvements in lifestyles that customers should make in order to regain their vision. The creators claim that the cause of vision loss can be eliminated and eyes protected from future damage.

What is Vision 20/20 Protocol?

Vision is one of the five primary senses, which allow individuals to see what is around them. However, millions of Americans are suffering from vision disorders, which lead to corrective glasses or contacts. Lasik has also been created by the medical community to allow customers to change their way of seeing the world permanently. But what if this harm could be reversed without seeing an optometrist? How about defending customers from ever having to get a pair of glasses? According to the developers of the 20/20 Protocol, this is for someone who follows their guidelines a distinct opportunity.

In the latest Vision 20/20 Protocole, customers learn what to do to care for their eyes, which can enhance and restore their vision naturally with a few lifestyle adjustments. Most people have to use surgery to change this type of treatment, but the developers have clarified that this is not important. The creators also argue that taking steps towards improved vision at the right time in life will allow you to see forever.

Written by Dr. David Lewis, this guide was first created after the author noticed that in six months they would lose their vision completely. During research, Dr Lewis found that he did not learn a lot of information in a medical school, which led him to discover that the ancestral hunters and collectors who were before today ‘s people never had anything to correct their sight. Therefore he theorised that good nutrition is the only way to preserve these civilizations’ strong vision. The strategy mentioned by Dr. Lewis in the 20/20 Protocol demonstrates what a nutritionist learned and coupled with his studies.

By engaging in this programme , participants may take on the task of reviving previously dying retinal cells. If these guidelines have actually been clinically checked (as Dr. Lewis points out), it is likely that many eye disorders, such as cataracts, astigmatism and glaucoma, may be removed following this new diet plan.

How does Vision 20/20 Protocol work?

The success of this programme focuses on the idea that decreasing vision has nothing to do with genetics or ageing. Dr. Lewis states instead that there are two nutrients that the body requires to eat daily for healthy skin, but are not seen in the online ad. Instead, he points out that much vision loss can be attributed to the lack of nutrients and antioxidants in the body. Face atrophy or lack of eye activity leads to relaxing of the muscles causing too much vision damage and fatigue.

20/20 Protocol is based on a series of plans that allow consumers to provide nutrients that the eyes need on a daily basis. Technically, this is not a diet and is not meant to help people lose weight. There are no things the consumer can not consume again and there are no limits. The user is only given new recipes to incorporate and explore in their lives;

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Some of the popular ingredients in this programme are eggs, spinach and kale, both high in antioxidants. Users can also consume a normal shake and have enough lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are important for eye health. It is relatively easy to ensure that the body receives the right nutrients regularly with recipes for smoothies and other foods. The software also clarified a variety of exercises aimed at improving the eye muscles.

Dr. Lewis says he tried these nutrients in a normal shake that promises to improve his vision. The shake formula can be found in the substance of the protocol. Dr. Lewis discovered that he was able to minimise the use of his glasses using the nutrients of the shake, and was so secure in this disclosure that he decided to give his daughter the diet in just 3 weeks. Every user has to resolve vision difficulties, although this adaptation is amazing, and the same timeline does not reflect what followers are going through.

Included Vision 20/20 Protocol Materials

This package provides a fast start guide to help customers get started on the 20/20 Protocol that will give users a brief overview of the whole process. They will hear about the steps the doctor has taken to find this knowledge, along with the food they can eat as a result of this study. The guide also gets into the food that could further damage the vision, although Dr. Lewis says that nobody has to give up their favourite food.

Users will obtain a recipe guide and a list of all the activities they need to do.

20/20 FAQ Protocol Would you automatically get 20/20 vision back?

Corrective eyewear at best will help customers recover a 20/15 or better vision. Although glasses can enhance your visual acuity, the eyes will not adjust physically.

How do I naturally recover my vision?

  • As the eyes have muscles, certain exercises can be used to keep in shape
  • Stop smoking. Avoid smoking. …
  • Get a daily eye check
  • Sit back for your eyes
  • What triggers poor vision?

Age-related macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma are some of the most common causes of poor vision.

Is it inherited with poor eyesight?

Myth: If parents have bad vision, their children would have this feature. Fact: this is sadly often true. Fact: If you need glasses for good vision or if your eyes (like cataracts) have grown, your children may have the same characteristic. Speak to your doctor about your family visual history on

Link to Protocol 20/20

The 20/20 Protocol is used as digital content to users and is used for $37. Upon payment, users would be able to access the details from any device immediately.

If this guide does not benefit the consumer, the company provides a 60-day cashback guarantee to be reimbursed. By emailing and telephone at 1 (866) 207-5630, customers may contact the 20/20 Protocol team.


20/20 Protocol enables customers to keep their own hands on the quality of their vision. The programme consists of dietary adjustments and exercises to maintain solid and balanced eye muscles that are vital to preserving good vision. Although the developer does not clarify exactly how such improvements will lead to the future vision of the customer, this form of data would probably be only disclosed to those making the purchase.

Anyone who thinks they have eye loss or another condition can talk to a specialist as soon as possible with or without the 20/20 Treatment.